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European Day of Languages 2016

To mark this day, the MFL department decided to record non language teachers showing off a language they know. You can see the results here!

Form tutors competed against each other to score full marks in the annual EDL quiz. Staff wore badges telling pupils which languages they can speak and prayers were said at the end of the day in French, German and Spanish.

European Day of Languages 2016 from St Roberts on Vimeo.






My Student Events


My Student Events is a dynamic platform helping you to find open days, tasters, study days and other events in seconds. Search 100s of university open days and study events across the UK and Europe.


How do I navigate around the site?
Put it simply, you don’t really need to. Just type it (e.g. Feb, Leeds, Science, Summer School) and MSE will find you some fantastic event options to look at.


So do you just have University events on there?
Absolutely not. MSE is packed with Uni open days and tasters but includes a large volume of non-university events such as apprenticeship fairs, skills shows and specialist listings.


Are all events on MSE free?
We have 100s of free events and some that do charge to attend. The cost of each event is clearly stated or you can filter for free or paid events.


Can I book my place at events online?
Not at this stage. MSE takes you exactly when you need to go to secure your place.


What is MSE buzz?
MSE buzz provides some entertaining and informative supporting content for MSE. Take a look at our initial batch of quizzes, lists, polls and videos. There’s loads more where that came from.




Fire Safety Advice

It’s no game playing with someone’s life warns the fire and rescue service in its latest campaign

During the spring months of April and May, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service sees an increase in the number of fires which are set deliberately.

Most of these fires occur on grassland, woodland, waste land, in fields, parks and playgrounds. They are usually started by young people setting fire to rubbish, grass, fly tipping, hedges and fences.

Not only do these anti-social behaviour fires cause damage to property, the environment and tie up firefighters unnecessarily but they can also cause injuries and deaths; what may seem like a bit of fun can quickly spread and endanger lives.

The Fire and Rescue Service is asking parents to support them by finding out what their children are doing if they go out during the lighter nights. They want parents to back the campaign by making children aware of the dangers of setting fires deliberately – it’s no game playing with someone’s life.

Fire is unpredictable and dangerous, not only can it kill but deliberately setting a fire can leave you with a criminal record and scar you for life.

Please follow the link to view our short film which highlights that fire crews cannot be in two places at The film shows a young person being dropped off by his mum to play with his friends in a park. They decide to set a fire which is put out by fire crews who also receive a call to attend a road traffic collision (RTC). A fire crew from another station attends the RTC whilst the local crew is busy putting out the rubbish fire started as a bit of fun. After they arrive to support the fire crew at the RTC the driver of the vehicle dies.

For more information on how to stay safe from fire please visit or, or search for ‘twfrs’ on Instagram.


St Robert’s Physicists visit CERN

Recently the St. Robert’s Physics department took a trip to Geneva, Switzerland to see how the hunt for elusive particles was going at the world famous CERN site. The weather was perfect and the scenery flawless, with CERN nestled neatly between the Jura and Swiss Alps mountain ranges.

On arrival we were given a brief introductory talk explaining the aims of the organisation and how it was all funded. The main tour took us to the original detector, built way back in the 1950s. Until recently the site was restricted access due to the high levels of radiation produced during the detectors life time. Now it is a museum, explaining how the idea of CERN first came about and how the mystery of the pion particle was solved.

The tour also took us to a test facility site where the components of the accelerator are tested at the very cold temperature of two Kelvin (or -271°C!). Students were told how engineers overcame the problem of keeping the magnets cold enough to bend the protons in their beam path and how new materials had to be designed specifically for the job.

The rest of our time in Geneva was spent looking around the beautiful city, experiencing the lake, exploring the parks and visiting the United Nations buildings.

Mr Wylam


MFL Sunderland Young Achievers Winner!


The MFL department nominated Daniel Pace in Year 13 for the Sunderland Young Achiever Award and by January we knew he had been shortlisted but on Thursday 10th March at the awards ceremony at the Stadium of Light he won in the 14-20 year old academic achievement category. Many congratulations Daniel – we are so proud of you!
By the end of Year 11 Daniel had taught himself to speak and write French and German to A Level standard. He is not only an inspiration to fellow students but to his teachers who have marvelled at his ability to speak three foreign languages to an incredibly high standard. He runs the Year 11 French Society group to instill a love of studying literature in students as well as Spanish and German peer mentoring sessions where he has provided encouragement and practical help to pupils of a range of abilities.
Daniel was offered a place to study French and German at Trinity Hall, Cambridge in January with university tutors also recognising his talent and aptitude. He is so worthy of the award and of course this offer of a place.
Félicitations Daniel!

Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 – “Don’t Stand By”

Today St Robert’s students have participated in a unique experience to listen to a live webcast of the testimony of Holocaust Survivor, Rudi Oppenheimer. This is the first time that the Holocaust Educational Trust has offered this and St Roberts was one of hundreds of school that signed up to take part in this opportunity to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day this year. Find out more about the Holocaust Educational Trust here.

Rudi Oppenheimer, a survivor of Bergen-Belsen, regularly shares his testimony in schools through the Trust’s Outreach Programme, and was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) in the 2016 New Year’s Honour List. Rudi has already spoken over 1,600 times but the online streaming resulted in him talking to his largest audience to date. Read more about his biography here.

As time passes, survivors of the Holocaust are less able to travel across the country to share their stories so the Trust is seeking to bring interactive testimony sessions into the classrooms through modern technology. The event was broadcast live from Pimlico Academy and those watching remotely were able to ask Rudi their questions electronically after hearing him speak.
Participants who weren’t able to have their questions answered today are invited to take part in a live Twitter Chat with Rudi from 2pm-3pm on Sunday 31st January through the Trust’s Twitter account (@HolocaustUK).

Students from Y7-10 will experience special tutorial sessions on 28th January to allow them to think about the significance of the Holocaust and what it means to them as young people in our community. Look out for more to come from our students…

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust has produced a short film from Susan Pollack, a survivor of the Holocaust, telling a unique story of surviving genocide for the first time. Watch the video below:



Our 6th Form is one of the North East’s Top Ten!

Top ten schools in the North East for A Level (or equivalent):

Data as published in the Chronicle, 2016

(Average points per student)

1. Durham High School for Girls, Durham, all girls C of E independent, 937.7

2. Royal Grammar School, Newcastle, mixed independent, 914

3. Dame Allan’s Senior School, Fenham, Anglican independent, 902.8

4. Newcastle High School for Girls, Jesmond, all girls C of E independent, 898.7

5. Durham Johnston Comprehensive School, Durham, mixed comprehensive, 884.9

6. St Robert of Newminster Roman Catholic School, Washington, mixed Roman Catholic comprehensive, 871.2

7. Seaton Burn College, Newcastle, mixed comprehensive, 862

8. Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham, community school, 855.7

9. St Bede’s Catholic Comprehensive School and Sixth Form, Lanchester, mixed Roman Catholic comprehensive, 854.2

10. St Leonard’s Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School, Durham, mixed roman catholic comprehensive, 828.8

 Source: Evening Chronicle – click here