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The ‘Skype’s’ the Limit for our new Reading Group

A group of year 7 pupils have embarked upon a new reading project this term. The Skype Reading Group will focus on a different novel each half term and after reading their chosen text the group will Skype another school to discuss their ideas and responses to the reading. It is an exciting opportunity that has created a buzz throughout year 7.

Luke Robson, a member of the Skype Reading Group commented “I enjoy reading. It will be nice to read with friends and new people.”

Lily Masters, who is also one of the founding members of the group said, “I’ve joined the book club because I like reading a really good book. It will be nice to share our opinions about the books with different people.”

The group has decided that their first novel will be The Hobbit and they will aim to read and discuss this novel over the course of the next half term.

Mrs Lillie



An Utterly Revolting Roald Dahl Day

The English Department hosted a wealth of Roald Dahl Day themed activities earlier this half term which were enjoyed by staff and students alike.

Pupils were invited to be involved in competitions, themed lessons and were also asked to write their own ‘Revolting Rhyme’; members of staff were even invited to dress up and teach their lessons for the day as their favourite Dahl characters.

Pupils from across KS3 entered the competition to write an utterly revolting rhyme with a range of different highly ‘revolting’ takes on classic stories. The winning entries will be display throughout the English Department this term .

Mrs Lillie



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St Roberts and St Michaels Activities Club

Last week, year 10 students from St Robert’s started a weekly before-school activities club with St Michael’s; and, speaking as one of the participants, it is going extremely well! Every Tuesday morning, at eight o’clock, twenty students from year 5 and year 6, come in for forty five minutes of activities to get them energised before school. So far, our focus has been on bench ball, multi-skills games and team building activities. The club is a lot of fun for both the year 10 students who are running the club and the children participating! Every week the two pupils who we feel have given the most, in terms of effort and good sportsmanship, gets some sort of reward for their efforts. We hope that this will inspire the other pupils next week and keep standards high. This programme will run for the whole year in St Michael’s and is getting better and better each week. We are really excited to see how it progresses and can’t wait to implement all of our ideas.

Madeline Thomson


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european day of lang

European Day of Langauges 2014


To mark this day, the MFL department decided to record non language teachers showing off a language they know. You can see the results here!

Form tutors competed against each other to score full marks in the annual EDL quiz,  staff wore badges telling pupils which languages they can speak and prayers were said at the end of the day in French, German and Spanish.








For further information about the European Day of Languages, click here


St. Robert’s Celebrating Outstanding Results

After achieving excellent results in GCSE and A Level this summer, we’ve got something to shout about. The school is the highest performing in Sunderland on the national benchmark of 5 or more A* to C grades (including English and Maths) at GCSE, with 73%.  A Level results are again very high, and in the top 8% nationally.  Head Teacher Nick Hurn said, “We are really thrilled with these results, which are just reward for the hard work and dedication of our outstanding teachers, the commitment and effort of our students, and the excellent support of their families.  We start the new school year with renewed enthusiasm, knowing that St. Robert’s is going from strength to strength.”


PoSBO Award

A big thank you to Honor Poulton from Gentoo for nominating pupils for a PoSBO Award.


Whilst we did not win, it is a great honour to be shortlisted. It also shows how hard pupils have been working to develop intergenerational links in the local community; visiting Peacehaven care home, leaf clearing around elderly peoples’ bungalows; litter picking in the local area. People have commented on what a fantastic job pupils have been doing and what a positive image they promote of St Robert’s.

The ceremony was attended by Ashiya and Hannah (Y8)


Year 10 PSHE – Enterprise

During PSHE, Year 10 students have been learning about Enterprise. Volunteers from the Young Enterprise scheme came into school to speak to pupils about interview technique, managing their money, avoiding debt and consumer rights and responsibilities.


“Young Enterprise was really good as we got to learn real life lessons; things we will need to use later. I enjoyed the activities, especially the games such as ‘Spinvestment’”. (Adrian, Y10)

The Young Enterprise team will also be coming in to speak to Year 11 during PSHE later this year. A big thank you for all their time.