6th Form College

St. Robert’s School & Sixth Form College is a Catholic and Christian community, in which we aim to follow the example of Christ in our daily work and relationships. We recognise that all members of our community are learners and are unique and eternal. Staff and students alike should strive to treat one another with tolerance and respect and to be aware of one another’s needs, hopes and aspirations.

Sixth Form Management Team

  • Director of Sixth Form – Mr D Bayne
  • Head of Year – Miss B Salmon
  • Head of Year – Mr D Dent

Life in the Sixth Form

St. Robert of Newminster Sixth Form College offers opportunities to students who have ambition, motivation and a desire to ‘live life to the full’. This prospectus aims to give students and their parents an understanding of the philosophy and organisation of the Sixth Form, the range of courses on offer and the entrance requirements for them; as well as extra-curricular opportunities, and an indication of the high level of support for students.

In this large Sixth Form we expect very high standards of work and behaviour to be established. Sixth Form students are in a rather special category in the school population in that they have elected to return voluntarily, and we ask that they are supportive of the Christian ethos of the school and the aims of the Sixth Form. We expect Sixth Formers to be leaders in the school community and to enjoy greater privileges, but this also implies a greater measure of responsibility with an emphasis on appearance, punctuality, diligent attitude to work, and full participation in school activities.


UCAS Y13 Presentation